Reflecting on My Online Class

Surprising things about how people learn

First, according to the expertise there are different learning theories. It surprises to note that they all depend on the human brain. The theories contradict, hence learners doubt their effectiveness to learning. According to experimental theory of learning, learners have individual differences. There is need for instructors to consider their target audience. Secondly, according to the learning theory students should be provided with different content delivery methods so as to choose the most suitable.

Understanding Personal Learning Process

The course has enabled me to assess the effectiveness of different strategies I use in studies. I am aware of my best learning style, theory and motivation styles. I now understand different learning styles, hence I can choose the most suitable to use in my teaching career depending on my learners. For instance, I apply cognitive theory in learning new skills by making use of examples and demonstrations. The trait theory of motivation makes me to understand better how I react to different learning environment. The theories have made me understand that my best performance in academics is a result of being able to make the connection between the pre-existing knowledge and new knowledge. I understand properly the things which hinder effective online learning and I am able to avoid them in future.

The connection between motivation, educational technology, learning styles and learning theories

Motivation plays an important role in the learning process. Learning does not only involve teaching the content, but also motivating learners. Technology has a great impact in the process of learning. We can use educational technology to help learners with different learning styles. Educational technology can be used effectively to empower the learners with skills consisting of different learning styles, theories and motivation hence making education interesting.

Application of Instructional Design to my Career Advancement

The course has built in me a strong foundation for the development of my career. Proper planning will enable me stimulate learners. The content of this course will be of great importance to my work as a course developer and instructor. Using educational technology, I will be able to assess the online courses to ascertain their design and the mode of content delivery. In conclusion, the knowledge acquired will assist me to understand my target audience better.


How I learn Best

The analysis of the various learning theories has enhanced my perspective on the best ways of learning. Upon the careful review I realized that a hybrid approach to learning is more effective than actually sticking to one perspective. The theories give a wide view of various ways of learning in that we learn even in some times that we do not realize. Previously, I though learning was only focused on classroom teacher upon student setting. I thought learning needed some sought of controlled external stimuli to an individual. However, I have come to know that on a daily basis we are all subjected to some form of learning described by each theory to some level.

The theories open up many avenues to opportunities for learning and exploiting them all is the best method of gaining knowledge. I would prefer the connectivism learning theory to enhance my knowledge since I have been using it extensively without even knowing. Adult learning theory was also a very informative approach in that I have noted that every time I go over to the internet to search for information, I am utilizing this theory. However, it would be better to search the web for information without the trigger of assignments but on a need to gain more knowledge in general through cognitive learning theory.

Technology is the most primary influence on learning in the current times since even formal education has been revolutionized by technology as a creator, media and information storage. In recent times I have utilized the internet to locate information that I need for my learning in the easiest of ways and my laptop allows me to store this information for easier access in the future. This use of technology gives one flexibility on what, how and when to learn without limitations on volume as in formal classroom learning. I am able to solve problems in learning on a more intensive level than without use of technology. MOOC lists are very informative and include many courses that I would not have access to in normal class. I can therefore gather and gain more knowledge by use of internet technologies.


Design and Design Thinking

I came upon this blog (link below) and found it very interesting. My thoughts on this particular blog are, however much design requires creativity to materialize in order to achieve the anticipated level of outcomes, it is not mandatory that there has to be collaboration between two people or more. The blog does not give an account of an individual having the capability to go it alone. Individual designs may even be better since there is no divergence of opinion that is inevitable if many people are involved. Even though the design activities may have the capacity to occasion a radical revamp in the society, this may not always be true. There are some aspects of the same that would amount to a complete departure for the normal practices.

Instructional Design Blog Assignment

After reading the blog (link below) I concluded, the assertion made in the blog in the form of an instructional designer not having to take a degree to qualify for the practice is true. More often than not, design is a trait, or more of a virtue inherent in an individual. Nevertheless, there is no obligation that for there to be success in instructional design, one must endeavor to know virtually everything. The information or knowledge pertaining to the given aspect of design may just be sufficient in yielding the stipulated work out.

Connectivism Mind Map


How has my network changed the way I learn?

My network has been imperative in determining the development of my thoughts and the preferences I tend to favor in every setting that emerges. They effectively dictate the extent of thinking that I come up with in regards to the particular setting. The advancements in technology have introduced an environment where there is the possibility of engaging in active learning rather the passive aspects of the same. This network has expanded my scope of application and involvement in myriad research activities.

Which digital tools best facilitate learning for me?

The digital tools that best facilitate learning for me are e-portfolio, databases, spreadsheets, educational blogs, graphics programs, and desktop publishing, word processing, reference database, RSS feed, web 2.0, social network, and multimedia content sharing. All these tools are ideal when it comes to the dissemination of the information I have learned. They also provide the flexibility that is relevant during the learning process. As the conveyance of the intended information becomes easy and has a guarantee of accuracy.

How do I gain new knowledge when I have questions?

Asking question is the primary determinant of the base of knowledge one may be in a position to acquire. Whenever there is uncertainty on an aspect, it may be worthy making inquiries from the individuals with the know-how on the same. Questions are critical for me in ascertaining that whatever course I may choose to embark on is the right one since I get the timely information that act in the capacity of proving the assurance.

In what ways does my personal learning network support or refute the central tenets of connectivism?

Connectivism is in support of my personal learning network because it provides the perfect platform for establishing connections among the various information sources that I come across. As such, it amounts to the possibility of creating the inherent patterns in the information that may be relevant to the learning of new knowledge bases. In regards to the principles of connectivism, there is the practicability of utilization of personal experiences coupled with the elements of technology to champion the comprehension of new ideas.

Thoughts on Education in Instructional Design

Education is important because it gives you the opportunity to learn behaviors of others.  For example, Training method A may not apply to crowd B, therefore, proper education gives you the ability to adapt and adjust in order to reach desired target market.  Also, a degree affords you the opportunity to be taught by professionals who have invaluable years of experience which gives you a chance to share ideas strategies which can help you become successful.  Lastly, proper schooling for an instructional designer would signify that the methods that they are being taught are current and up-to-date.  This is key due to the ever-evolving technological world we live in.  These are just a few reasons why I feel that every instructional designer should possess some form of higher education.

Below is a link to a blog that a classmate shared in which I found very interesting on this topic. Hope you enjoy!

My transition to become an Instructional Designer

I’m not an instructional design professional, “so to speak”, but I do feel like their methods make business processes operate smoothly.  The reason being is that it provides a sense of organization and provides a structure that enables businesses or organizations to operate smoothly.  As times change, these processes will change.  Online training courses, required quarterly employee training material, and open dialogue between employees and management to develop new ideas are just a few designs that can be helpful.

I recently decided to return to school for an education in Instructional design. In my current position, I’m always being asked to create or design training materials for several different departments. Well, after so many designs and trainings I thought it might just benefit more if I became a trainer, so hear I am. It is extremely vital for an organization to be abreast with the ever-changing world of technology. That’s one reason I decided to enter this field.

This profession has been evolving for some time now and at a much more faster pace than any other digital profession. I have a background in computer information so it makes my job a little easier when tasked a project in design. However, keeping up with the latest technology and with everything being socially motivated can become overwhelming. I just to learn as much as I can through different articles and research. The following links are articles and blogs that I found interesting and encouraging about Instructional Design.

I hope you enjoy!