Reflecting on My Online Class

Surprising things about how people learn

First, according to the expertise there are different learning theories. It surprises to note that they all depend on the human brain. The theories contradict, hence learners doubt their effectiveness to learning. According to experimental theory of learning, learners have individual differences. There is need for instructors to consider their target audience. Secondly, according to the learning theory students should be provided with different content delivery methods so as to choose the most suitable.

Understanding Personal Learning Process

The course has enabled me to assess the effectiveness of different strategies I use in studies. I am aware of my best learning style, theory and motivation styles. I now understand different learning styles, hence I can choose the most suitable to use in my teaching career depending on my learners. For instance, I apply cognitive theory in learning new skills by making use of examples and demonstrations. The trait theory of motivation makes me to understand better how I react to different learning environment. The theories have made me understand that my best performance in academics is a result of being able to make the connection between the pre-existing knowledge and new knowledge. I understand properly the things which hinder effective online learning and I am able to avoid them in future.

The connection between motivation, educational technology, learning styles and learning theories

Motivation plays an important role in the learning process. Learning does not only involve teaching the content, but also motivating learners. Technology has a great impact in the process of learning. We can use educational technology to help learners with different learning styles. Educational technology can be used effectively to empower the learners with skills consisting of different learning styles, theories and motivation hence making education interesting.

Application of Instructional Design to my Career Advancement

The course has built in me a strong foundation for the development of my career. Proper planning will enable me stimulate learners. The content of this course will be of great importance to my work as a course developer and instructor. Using educational technology, I will be able to assess the online courses to ascertain their design and the mode of content delivery. In conclusion, the knowledge acquired will assist me to understand my target audience better.


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