How I learn Best

The analysis of the various learning theories has enhanced my perspective on the best ways of learning. Upon the careful review I realized that a hybrid approach to learning is more effective than actually sticking to one perspective. The theories give a wide view of various ways of learning in that we learn even in some times that we do not realize. Previously, I though learning was only focused on classroom teacher upon student setting. I thought learning needed some sought of controlled external stimuli to an individual. However, I have come to know that on a daily basis we are all subjected to some form of learning described by each theory to some level.

The theories open up many avenues to opportunities for learning and exploiting them all is the best method of gaining knowledge. I would prefer the connectivism learning theory to enhance my knowledge since I have been using it extensively without even knowing. Adult learning theory was also a very informative approach in that I have noted that every time I go over to the internet to search for information, I am utilizing this theory. However, it would be better to search the web for information without the trigger of assignments but on a need to gain more knowledge in general through cognitive learning theory.

Technology is the most primary influence on learning in the current times since even formal education has been revolutionized by technology as a creator, media and information storage. In recent times I have utilized the internet to locate information that I need for my learning in the easiest of ways and my laptop allows me to store this information for easier access in the future. This use of technology gives one flexibility on what, how and when to learn without limitations on volume as in formal classroom learning. I am able to solve problems in learning on a more intensive level than without use of technology. MOOC lists are very informative and include many courses that I would not have access to in normal class. I can therefore gather and gain more knowledge by use of internet technologies.



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