Connectivism Mind Map


How has my network changed the way I learn?

My network has been imperative in determining the development of my thoughts and the preferences I tend to favor in every setting that emerges. They effectively dictate the extent of thinking that I come up with in regards to the particular setting. The advancements in technology have introduced an environment where there is the possibility of engaging in active learning rather the passive aspects of the same. This network has expanded my scope of application and involvement in myriad research activities.

Which digital tools best facilitate learning for me?

The digital tools that best facilitate learning for me are e-portfolio, databases, spreadsheets, educational blogs, graphics programs, and desktop publishing, word processing, reference database, RSS feed, web 2.0, social network, and multimedia content sharing. All these tools are ideal when it comes to the dissemination of the information I have learned. They also provide the flexibility that is relevant during the learning process. As the conveyance of the intended information becomes easy and has a guarantee of accuracy.

How do I gain new knowledge when I have questions?

Asking question is the primary determinant of the base of knowledge one may be in a position to acquire. Whenever there is uncertainty on an aspect, it may be worthy making inquiries from the individuals with the know-how on the same. Questions are critical for me in ascertaining that whatever course I may choose to embark on is the right one since I get the timely information that act in the capacity of proving the assurance.

In what ways does my personal learning network support or refute the central tenets of connectivism?

Connectivism is in support of my personal learning network because it provides the perfect platform for establishing connections among the various information sources that I come across. As such, it amounts to the possibility of creating the inherent patterns in the information that may be relevant to the learning of new knowledge bases. In regards to the principles of connectivism, there is the practicability of utilization of personal experiences coupled with the elements of technology to champion the comprehension of new ideas.


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