Thoughts on Education in Instructional Design

Education is important because it gives you the opportunity to learn behaviors of others.  For example, Training method A may not apply to crowd B, therefore, proper education gives you the ability to adapt and adjust in order to reach desired target market.  Also, a degree affords you the opportunity to be taught by professionals who have invaluable years of experience which gives you a chance to share ideas strategies which can help you become successful.  Lastly, proper schooling for an instructional designer would signify that the methods that they are being taught are current and up-to-date.  This is key due to the ever-evolving technological world we live in.  These are just a few reasons why I feel that every instructional designer should possess some form of higher education.

Below is a link to a blog that a classmate shared in which I found very interesting on this topic. Hope you enjoy!


My transition to become an Instructional Designer

I’m not an instructional design professional, “so to speak”, but I do feel like their methods make business processes operate smoothly.  The reason being is that it provides a sense of organization and provides a structure that enables businesses or organizations to operate smoothly.  As times change, these processes will change.  Online training courses, required quarterly employee training material, and open dialogue between employees and management to develop new ideas are just a few designs that can be helpful.

I recently decided to return to school for an education in Instructional design. In my current position, I’m always being asked to create or design training materials for several different departments. Well, after so many designs and trainings I thought it might just benefit more if I became a trainer, so hear I am. It is extremely vital for an organization to be abreast with the ever-changing world of technology. That’s one reason I decided to enter this field.

This profession has been evolving for some time now and at a much more faster pace than any other digital profession. I have a background in computer information so it makes my job a little easier when tasked a project in design. However, keeping up with the latest technology and with everything being socially motivated can become overwhelming. I just to learn as much as I can through different articles and research. The following links are articles and blogs that I found interesting and encouraging about Instructional Design.

I hope you enjoy!